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Getting ProofPower

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OpenProofPower and all the documentation may be obtained from this site. The documentation covers the following packages:

OpenProofPower is copyright © Lemma 1 Ltd. OpenProofPower is free, open-source, software made available under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Downloading OpenProofPower

The stable version of the open source distribution is working version 2.9.1w8. It is available here. Before downloading the distribution, you may like to read the description of the changes in this release and the read-me file. This version works with Poly/ML 5.3 and later and should be compatible with most C/C++ developer kits (including those that default to 32-bit architecture and those like Apple's Xcode tools that default to 64-bit architecture). Some earlier versions are available here. Working snapshots of the latest version under development are filed here from time to time.

Browsing the Documentation

The documentation OpenProofPower is available on-line here.

System Requirements

OpenProofPower has been built and tested by Lemma 1 using: Poly/ML and Standard ML of New Jersey (SML/NJ); x86 PC hardware, and Apple PowerPC and Intel hardware; Linux; OpenSolaris; Mac OS X with Apple's X11 distribution; Cygwin. For building and running ProofPower, Poly/ML is typically two to four times faster than SML/NJ and is the recommended compiler.

If you use SML/NJ, you must use version 110.54 or later. If you use Poly/ML, then you must use version 5.3 or later.

PPXpp requires OpenMotif 2.3 or later.

If you are using Mac OS X, then there are some keyboard configuration files that you can download to make working with PPXpp (and other Motif applications) easier.

Fixes and Upgrades

Patches to fix problems or make minor upgrades for ProofPower are posted from time to time on this web-site. The available patches and information about how to use them are here. If you are signing on behalf of academic or commercial institution, please enclose a covering letter on your institution's headed notepaper. We will return the signed licence and instructions for downloading the software.

Getting Support

If you have any problems with ProofPower, please feel free to discuss them on the ProofPower mailing list.

If you're interested in a support contract, then please contact, Rob Arthan [rda at lemma-one dot com].

Copyright © Lemma 1 Ltd.
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